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Joué Play

Live Product Demo with Testimonials

“They did an amazing job helping us get the best video possible for our crowdfunding campaign. They succeeded in understanding our needs and desires, and transformed those into a video which told the story we wanted to tell."

Pascal Joguet

Co-Founder & CEO at Joué Music Instruments


- Hero Video

- Social Edits

Arabian Prince (of NWA) marches into the room with curious musicians in tow. None of them have touched, much less seen, the instrument they’re about to make sweet sounds with. How will they react? Will there be any usable music? What on earth was FNA thinking!? (spoiler… it went well!)

Running with Joué's desire to see real people really play the Joué Play live, FNA leaned hard into Ready’s music documentary roots. With the right prompts from Ol’ Richie, everything that needed to be said, was said (also with poppy motion graphics!). 🎵


- Live

- Documentary


- Motion Graphics


  • - Handheld


# of days: 1

# of crew: 10

# of talent: 1

# of locations: 1

creative team

director OL’ RICHIE / d.p. READY

location sound + mix NATHAN WHITCOMB

production assistant DORSEY BRITTON


Let’s make a thing! 🎬