Friends 'n Allies

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Just two compadres with completely complimentary skillsets. 🙌

Ol’ Richie 🤠

Christened “Ol' Richie” via sprinkles on a birthday cake. It stuck. Multiple SXSW film festival alum. Spent three years as VP of Marketing at a crowdfunded hardware start-up.

Hails from Texas. Austin, mostly. Boots, brisket, and breakfast tacos.

Ready 🧑‍🎨

New York City blood. Los Angeles graduate. San Francisco style. Gets his moment of zen when he hears, “action!"

Two decades painting with light, dancing with lens, and sculpting with story. Find him in the wood-shop or the the back-country when he's not behind camera.

Our Story 🪄

Ol’ Richie was in a tight spot. His D.P. dropped out just two weeks before the shoot. He sent a fateful email through his network, asking for recommendations. That email found its way to Ready. Ready recommended himself.

The pair shared a belief that making things should be fun. That accepting challenges makes things even more fun. And that every project should be given the time and attention it truly deserves. Also, transparency. Lots of it.

Over coffee, they schemed. “Clients should be our friends… Our own network is full of our greatest allies…” A brand was born. And many years of fruitful collaboration later, they are still having a blast together. 🎉

Whady’a say, friend? Join the fun? 📫